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White Card Online Course

White Card Zoom Class

Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

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White Card Zoom Class

White Card Online

Course Code: CPCWHS1001

The White Card Virtual Classroom is available for those that reside and are located in NSW only. Allies Training Centre is an approved RTO under Safework NSW (Approval number RTO800042).

Trainees must have computer literacy and English literacy (You must be able to read, write and speak)! You must also have correct PPE for the day, regardless if you are in the construction industry or not. Please see requirements tab for ID requirements. We will match any price, we are currently the cheapest and most affordable provider – send us an email or use our live chat for your coupon at accounts@alliessecurity.edu.au

Valid for work in Australia (All States)

  • Must have English and Computer Literacy
  • Must Have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
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White Card Online Course Sydney
Australia Wide Accepted White Card Certificate

What Card Online Course

Valid for work in Australia (All States) 

White Card Online Class

New classes are added regularly. Students must be able to communicate, read and write in English. Student must also have computer literacy. See requirements tab for more information.

The Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card) course is a Nationally Recognised qualification and is a compulsory requirement for anybody who wishes to kick-start their career or maintain employment in the construction industry throughout Australia. The unit was previously known as CPCCWHS1001 – Work safely in the construction industry, that is now superseded, and is equivalent to the new code CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

This course is also appropriate for those wishing to obtain their Owner Builder permit, the white card component can be completed with us, and your owner builder component elsewhere. This course is also appropriate for apprenticeships, trainees that are going in to a variety of trades (like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, engineers, project managers etc.) wanting to gain access to construction sites.

  • Identify and understand roles, responsibilities and rights of duty holders
  • Understand OHS communication and reporting processes
  • Apply the principles of risk management
  • Identify common hazards and control measures
  • Interpret and apply safety information and documentation
  • Use safe work practices
  • Respond to OHS incidents

Unit Name: Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

Unit Code: CPCWHS1001

6 hours (excluding breaks)

Pricing: $29 card fee is payable upon completion of course

You will receive a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment upon completion as well as a Statement of Training (SOT) which is valid for 60 days and will enable the student to work until the white card arrives in the mail.

Payment: Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Paypal, Over the phone

To undertake this training, it is COMPULSORY that students:

  1. Be able to use a computer/device (computer literate). 
  2. Bring 100 points of ID on the day. New arrivals (less than 6 weeks in Australia), School  students less than 16 years of age and Indigenous Australians are exempted. You must show be able to show originals! Except for those that are digitally issues i.e. phone bills, registration papers, bank statements. See table below.
  3. Send EOI forms (received in confirmation of enrolment) prior to course commencement.
  4. You must be able to read and write in English. If you have difficulty, we recommend you call us before making a booking.
  5. You WILL NOT be allowed to sit in the course without 100 points of ID (New Arrivals excepted). No refunds are offered if you arrive with insufficient ID – you will have to re-book your course, paying the full fee.
  6. You WILL NOT be allowed to sit in the course without the required PPE
  7. You must be present AT ALL TIMES of the virtual classroom unless otherwise stated.
  8. A $29 card fee is payable upon course commencement. This will go directly to SafeWork NSW.

You must have the appropriate PPE 

  1. Eye protection – AS1337.1 Personal eye protection Eye and face protectors for occupational application.
  2. Hearing protection – AS/NZS 1270 Acoustics – Hearing protection: Ear muffs or ear plugs
  3. Head protection (hard hat) – AS/NZS 1801 Occupational protective helmet
  4. High visibility reflective vest – AS/NZS 4602.1 High visibility safety garments such as shirt or jacket can be used.

If you need help with obtaining PPE, please contact us via email at accounts@alliessecurity.edu.au or on (02) 9557 7466. 


Australian or Overseas Persons in Australia Greater than 6 weeks in Australia 

  • Must have 100 points of ID confirming their Date of Birth, Address, Photo and address using combination of IDs as per the table below.

Non-Australians from Overseas arrived less than 6 weeks in Australia

  • You can use a combination of your Passport AND Overseas License OR Passport AND Bank Card (overseas or Australian) as proof of ID, you are exempt from the 100 point system, refer to page 4 of the EOI Form. You must also provide proof of your arrival date (i.e. boarding pass, e-ticket, travel itinerary etc.).

Under 18 and still in High School (Australian Schools) 

  • The minimum age requirement to do the White Card course is 14 years old. You must be at least 14 years old when you join your class. You can use one of either your  valid Australian Passport, Australian Birth Certificate or School ID card.


Please bring original 100 points of ID. NO PHOTOCOPIES, NO PICTURES OF ID WILL BE ACCEPTED.  If you have less than 100 points, contact our office before the course date. You will not be allowed to commence the course and no refund will be issued. Re-enrolment is full course fee.

Evidence of Identity Documents Required (EOI: you need 100 points)

Type of IdentificationID DocumentPoints Value
Only 1 document can be used
Australian Birth Certificate/card issued by the registrar of births, deaths and marriages70
Passport – Australian or International (Current or expired within last 2 years, but not cancelled)70
Australian citizenship certificate70
Multiple documents can be used
Current Australian driver’s license, Photo ID, Australian fire arms license or boat operator permit40
Credit/Savings cards/bank statements FROM AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTIONS (Maximum of 2, must be from different banks, bank card and statements from the same bank count as 1 form of ID)25
Government issued card such as Department of Veterans Affairs card, Current Centrelink card, Medicare25
Utility bills issued in the last (3) months – for example water, electricity, gas, telephone (AUSTRALIAN)25
Current Vehicle registration or insurance papers25
  • Good spoken English is needed for in-class practical assessments.
  • Good written English is needed for written assessments completed in-class.
  • Good reading and comprehension skills are necessary to navigate Student Course Notes, policies and procedures documents and to take in information as the trainer progresses through the training materials.
  • Use of interpreters is not allowed.

The White Card trainer/assessor reserves the right to refuse entry to the class to any student if in the opinion of the trainer/assessor the trainee displays a lack of English comprehension when entering the classroom. You must not make a booking if you doubt your English. Please contact our office immediately via email info@alliestraining.edu.auurity.edu.au or 02 9557 7466 if you have doubts. Cancellations must be made 48 hours before course start time. If you show up on the day and do not have the required English Skills, there are no refunds, please ensure to double check before making a booking.

Do I need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

  2. For face to face training, you do no need it – as the training centre will have them for class use.  We have our training centre in Marrickville. You can book here for face to face training.

How does the virtual classroom work?

  1. You must have access to a computer/phone/ipad with a working webcam and microphone.
  2. Students will log into zoom for the ID checks in the morning of the course. Breakout rooms will be opened to ensure privacy of the IDs and an RTO delegate will check your ID in correspodence with your EOI form.
  3. Trainer will be teaching the content on zoom, you will have a split screen set up, so you have access to your learning content as well at the same time (see requirements tab on how to set up). You must have your camera on at all times of learning and assessment activities.

When do I get my white card?

  1. You will be issued a interim certificate (Statement of Training) on the same day upon succesful completion of the course. This interim certificate is valid for 60 days of work.
  2. The physical white card is sent by Safe Work NSW within 3-4 weeks of course completion.

How long is the White Card valid for?

  1. The White Card (also known as General Induction Card) is valid indefinetely. However, if you have not been working in the construction industry for  more than 2 years, you must redo the course.

Can I do this course to complete my application for an Owner Builder permit?

  1. Yes. This course is the correct course that is one of components that you need to apply for your owner builder permit, however you need to complete the owner builder course elsewhere as we do not have an owner builder course.

Why do I need 100 points of ID?

  1. It is a requirement by SafeWork NSW, you must be able to present 100 points of ID, unless you are are less than 18 years old and a school student, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or recently arrived from overseas for the first time(not an Australian National) with relevant documentation. See requirements tab for more information on ID.

What payment methods do you have?

  1. You can pay via credit card, PayPal, AfterPay over the phone at 02 9557 7466.
  2. Invoices can be sent out, however must be paid in advance to secure spots for courses at least 48 hours prior to the course to confirm seats.

Please contact us via email at accounts@alliessecurity.edu.au or on (02) 9557 7466 for any queries. 

  1. If you fail to bring appropriate identification on the day you will not be eligible for a refund – you will have to reschedule your course, paying full course fee again.
  2. If you fail to bring appropriate PPE on the day, you will not be eligible for a refund – you will have to reschedule your course, paying full course fee again.
  3. If you do not advise of us any problems you have with technology before the course date, you will not be eligible for a refund. Full course fee applies for further bookings
  4. If you are found not yet competent for a course, there is no refund. Re-assessment fee applies.
  5. Re-scheduling/cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance, regardless of when the booking was made
  6. $29 non-refundable booking fee for any cancellations prior to 48 hours.
  7. You MUST KNOW ENGLISH (read, write and speak), if you are not sure, please do not proceed with the booking. If you proceed to book and you do not have sufficient English skills, there will be no refund if cancellation is not made 48 hours before the course.

48 hour written notice is required for cancellations. Contact us here.

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Raja Sethi has been involved with Allies Security as a White Card trainer for a number of years. He has worked in high risk work environments.

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