Allies Training Centre

Leading Training Provider in Sydney

Allies Training Centre has been involved in the Security Industry since 2001, offering services in various security industry segments. During this period we have identified the needs and requirements of industry stakeholders. We have built strategic partnerships with other service providers in the industry as well as working closely with regulators to ensure that our clients are getting quality services according to the standards set by the industry regulators and stakeholders.

Our team of highly skilled trainers and assessors all have extensive experience in vocational education, as well as valuable experience within the security industry. Futhermore they have excellent interpersonal communication skills to engage trainees at a high level. This further enables us to exceed client expectations in the delivery of training and assessment services and our client’s testimonies confirm our claim.

Our Vision

To build strong connections with industry stakeholders by offering quality training and assessment services which are trusted and valued by our clients.

Our Mission

To continuously improve our service standards to make valuable contributions towards the dynamic and vibrant Vocational Education Industry. We aim to exceed client expectations by constantly reviewing and improving our service standards based on feedback from industry stakeholders and industry advisors.

Professional Trainers and Assessors

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Our Trainers and Assessors have extensive experience in their respective Industry Sectors, as well as in Vocational Education and Training. They have gone through a very strict recruitment process to ensure that they meet our high standards. Our Staff regularly undergo Professional Development Activities to keep them up to date with Industry changes, and to ensure quality training and assessment.

Our personnel are familiar with cultural diversity and are committed to the principles of access and equity. Our staff are very approachable and capable of addressing individual’s needs.

Allies Security trainer assessors are security industry consultants and experienced in the following topics:

  • Security industry concepts and all the relevant legislations
  • Risk Management, systematic threat identification, analysis and management procedures
  • The Science behind verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Basic concept of fear management and how to deal with aggressive behaviour
  • Strategies for career development in the security industry
  • Key concepts that would enable you to exceed the expectations of industry stakeholders
  • Detailed discussions of topics that give you the confidence to be fully prepaid for any challenges within the capacity of your job role

Quality Service Standards

Allies Training Centre is totally focused on establishing professional service standards, by exceeding client expectations. 

We regularly review feedback from our clients to ensure we take on board their suggestions to improve our service standards. We are committed to the concept of continual improvement to ensure our services meet industry standards.

We have a very high client satisfaction rate, as evidenced by our highly positive client feedback, which we conduct at the end of every course. See our Testimonials page to read some of the comments from our successful Graduates.

Our organisation has well designed systems and procedures in place that are measured and reviewed regularly to ensure we excel in our services.

Allies Security Services promotes industry stakeholder confidence by adhering to Australian Standard 3806 Compliance Program and other quality control systems to offer above standard services to clients.

We ensure the safety of the community, our clients, and our employees. We guarantee ethical and professional conduct, striving to achieve and exceed client expectations.

Competitive Prices

We ensure that our pricing structure is highly competitive within the Industry. We constantly evaluate and monitor our cost structure to maintain a competitive edge in the market. We also offer discounts for group bookings! 

Please note all the payments will be processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).