Implement Traffic Management Plans Course


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Implement Traffic Management Plans Course (IMP)

This course is known as “Yellow Card”

This is a one (1) day course Thursdays from 1.30PM to 6.30PM. Trainees will be sent pre-learning to do before the course. 

Face to face training consists of lectures, and practical training. For an unrestricted license, you must attend the live practical assessment within 60 days. It is not a part of this session, it will be an additional one (1) day.  

License fees are payable upon completion of the course..

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Implement Traffic Management Plan Course Sydney
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Implement Traffic Management Plans Course

White Card & Traffic Control Training Sydney

Implement Traffic Management Plans

Previously known as Yellow Card, our Implementer course is great if you are already working in the industry.  The course is more for implementing traffic plans, setting up and closing down traffic plans as well as having a more of a supervisorial role. This course on its own does not allow you to control traffic. This is a 1 day course.

Face to Face Training Running

  • 1 Day Course (6 hours excl. break and admin)
  • Same Day Certificate
  • Start work immediately after completing the course!
  • SafeWork NSW approved!
  • Friendly environment


Please remember to bring a valid 100 points of ID on the day!

If you have difficulty reading, writing and understanding English, please give us a call on (02) 9557746.

To undertake this training, it is COMPULSORY that students:

  1. Bring 100 points of ID on the day. You must show be able to show originals! Except for those that are digitally issues i.e. phone bills, registration papers, bank statements. See table below.
  2. Complete pre-course activities sent via email. Should take 2-3 hours to do on average.
  3. You must be able to read and write in English. If you have difficulty, we recommend you call us before making a booking.
  4. You WILL NOT be allowed to sit in the course without 100 points of ID. No refunds are offered if you arrive with insufficient ID – you will have to re-book your course, paying the full fee.
  5. You WILL NOT be allowed to sit in the course without the required PPE
  6. You must complete your practical exam within 60 days, no later than 90 days of course completion.
  7. A $25 card fee is payable upon course commencement. This will go directly to SafeWork NSW. If doing COMBO course, it will be $50.

You must wear comfortable clothing 

  1. Long sleeve clothing
  2. Long pants
  3. Enclosed shoes (no thongs, sandals)

Australian or Overseas Persons in Australia  

  • Must have 100 points of ID confirming their Date of Birth, Address, Photo and address using combination of IDs as per the table below.
  • EOI form.
  • The minimum age requirement to do the traffic control course is 17 years old. You must be at least 17 years old when you join your class.

Please bring original 100 points of ID. NO PHOTOCOPIES, NO PICTURES OF ID WILL BE ACCEPTED.  If you have less than 100 points, contact our office before the course date. You will not be allowed to commence the course and no refund will be issued. Re-enrolment is full course fee.

Evidence of Identity Documents Required (EOI: you need 100 points)

Type of Identification ID Document Points Value
Only 1 document can be used
Australian Birth Certificate/card issued by the registrar of births, deaths and marriages 70
Passport – Australian or International (Current or expired within last 2 years, but not cancelled) 70
Australian citizenship certificate 70
Multiple documents can be used
Current Australian driver’s license, Photo ID, Australian fire arms license or boat operator permit 40
Credit/Savings cards/bank statements FROM AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTIONS (Maximum of 2, must be from different banks, bank card and statements from the same bank count as 1 form of ID) 25
Government issued card such as Department of Veterans Affairs card, Current Centrelink card, Medicare 25
Utility bills issued in the last (3) months – for example water, electricity, gas, telephone (AUSTRALIAN) 25
Current Vehicle registration or insurance papers 25
  • Good spoken English is needed for in-class practical assessments.
  • Good written English is needed for written assessments completed in-class.
  • Good reading and comprehension skills are necessary to navigate Student Course Notes, policies and procedures documents and to take in information as the trainer progresses through the training materials.
  • Use of interpreters is not allowed.

The White Card trainer/assessor reserves the right to refuse entry to the class to any student if in the opinion of the trainer/assessor the trainee displays a lack of English comprehension when entering the classroom. You must not make a booking if you doubt your English. Please contact our office immediately via email or 02 9557 7466 if you have doubts. Cancellations must be made 48 hours before course start time. If you show up on the day and do not have the required English Skills, there are no refunds, please ensure to double check before making a booking.

Practical Assessment is a 1 day course, you must complete your practical assessment and book for it after you complete your learning. Practical fee is $79, and $25 card fee (SafeWork) is payable once successfully completed.

  1. If you fail to bring appropriate identification on the day you, you will not be eligible for a refund – you will have to reschedule your course, paying the full course fee. BE PREPARED. 
  2. If you are found not yet competent for a course, there is no refund.
  3. Reschedulations/cancellations made be made at least 48 hours in advance, regardless of when the booking was made ($29 non-refundable booking fee).
  4. You MUST KNOW ENGLISH (read, write and speak), if you are not sure, please do not proceed with the booking. If you proceed to book and you do not have sufficient English skills, there will be no refund if cancellation is not made 48 hours before the course.

48 hour written notice is required for cancellations. Contact us here.

Frequently asked questions

When do I get my TCR or IMP card?

  • You will be issued a interim certificate (Statement of Completion) on the day of training. This interim certificate is valid for 90 days of work.
  • You will need to complete a practical assessment on the road, we will provide you dates once you finish the learning and theory assessments. Practical course fee is $79. After your practical assessment, you will be issued a Statement of Attainment (qualification).
  • SafeWork card fee is also payable upon course completion. The lodgement for each card is $25 (combo is $50 for both IMP and TCR cards).
  • The physical TCR or IMP (blue/yellow ticket) card is sent by Safe Work NSW within 3-4 weeks of course completion.

Whats the difference between Traffic Control Course and Implement and Manage traffic plans?

  • Traffic control course is for those wishing to start their career in the construction industry.
  • Implement and Manage traffic plans is for those that would like to have more of a supervisorial role in the traffic control industry, setting up and setting down traffic management zones.

Why do I need 100 points of ID?

  • It is a requirement by SafeWork NSW, you must be able to present 100 points of ID. See requirements tab for more information on ID.

What payment methods do you have?

  • You can pay via credit card, PayPal, over the phone or cash on the day of the course.
  • PayPal – we are now offering 4 small easy payments via PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, it’s quick and easy. Just select “pay in 4 payments” via PayPal checkout.
  • Invoices can be sent out, however must be paid in advance to secure spots for courses at least 48 hours prior to the course to confirm seats.

Please contact us via email at or on (02) 9557 7466 for any queries.

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This is a one (1) day course Thursdays from 1.30PM to 6.30PM. Trainees will be sent pre-learning to do before the course. Face to face training consists of lectures, and practical training. For an unrestricted license, you must attend the live practical assessment within 60 days. It is not a part of this session, it will be an additional one (1) day.  Licensee fees are payable upon completion of the course..

Course Work Flow

Booking a Implement Traffic Management Plans Course with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Don’t delay in booking your Implement Traffic Management Plans Course with us. Contact us today and get started on your journey towards a traffic control works!

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Course Location

Marrickville – In Sydney’s Inner West!

We are located at Level 1, 34C Fitzroy Street, Marrickville NSW 2204, just above Opulent Kitchens and My Bottle Shop.

By Train

The closest train station is Sydenham Train station, a 5-10 minute walk. We also have a range of bus stops near by as well.

By Car

If coming by car, there is free all day street parking surrouding us but please be mindful to arrive early to find parking.

Meet Your Trainers

Raja Sethi

Raja Sethi has been involved with Allies Security as a White Card trainer for a number of years. He has worked in high risk work environments.

Imran Ali

Imran has been involved in the security industry for the past 15 years. He commenced his career as a security officer…

Mark McMahon

Mark McMahon has been teaching and training for the past decade. He has worked in many supervisory roles in Construction, and Security.

John McPhilbin

John has been involved in the security industry for 15 years. During this time he was employed as a security operations manager…